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ShakeOut Resources

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Drop, Cover and Hold On

The roof of this unreinforced masonry building collapsed during the 2010 Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake. If you look closely, you’ll see that a kitchen table and chairs are supporting the collapsed roof, illustrating that the safest place to be during an earthquake is under a sturdy table or desk.

For resources in French, please visit the Documentation de la Grande Secousse de la Colombie-Britannique page!

The following materials are available to you or your organization to support your participation in the ShakeOut and to promote awareness and preparedness:

BC T-shirt
Order ShakeOut T-shirts

Drill Manuals and Other Planning Documents

These manuals provide guidance at several levels for planning your drill:

Basic School Earthquake Drill Ideas: How to plan and implement a basic school drill
ShakeOut Participant Guide: Four levels of drills (simple to advanced) for any organization
How to Participate: Basic instructions for a simple drop, cover, and hold on drill
2016 Public Education Campaign Guide
2015 Social Media Guide

Tourism Participation Guide
ShakeOut Door Hanger: Printable ShakeOut door hanger
ShakeOut Rack Card: Printable ShakeOut rack card
Tsunami Rack Card: Printable tsunami rack card
Tsunami Door Hanger: Printable tsunami door hanger

Tsunami Drill: How to include tsunami evacuation in your ShakeOut drill
Tsunami FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about tsunamis in British Columbia and how to reduce their potential consequences
Countdown to ShakeOut for Organizations (New, PDF)

Protect yourself during earthquakes: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Girl Guides of Canada ShakeOut badge program

What to do after the shaking stops!


Audio and Video "Drill Broadcast" recordings created to provide instructions during your Drop, Cover, Hold On drill.

Several videos about preparedness, "Drop, Cover, and Hold On," and the Shakeout.

Expect It. Have You Prepared? Song:

Posters (or Flyers)

Download these PDF files that can be printed at 8.5x11 as flyers, or printed larger as posters. Flyers for each participation category are available below.

"Get Ready to ShakeOut"
Color (PDF)
Black & White (PDF)

"Join Us"
Color (PDF)
Black & White (PDF)

"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out."
Color (PDF)
Black & White (PDF)

Get Ready to ShakeOut
"Get Ready to ShakeOut"
Color (PDF)
Join Us Poster
"Join Us"
Color (PDF)
Don't Freak Out
"ShakeOut. Don't Freak Out."
Color (PDF)

"What to do
during an Earthquake"

Color (PDF)

"Protect yourself
during an Earthquake"

Color (PDF)

Posters and Flyers
(Mandarin and Cantonese)

Color (PDF)

    Custom Flyers for each Category (PDF files)

Individuals and Families
Childcare and Preschool
K-12 Schools and Districts
Youth Organizations
Colleges and Universities
First Nations
Federal Government
Provincial Government
Local Government
Community Groups

Senior Facilities/Communities
Disability/AFN Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
Preparedness Organizations
Faith-based Organizations
Museums, Libraries, Parks, etc.
Volunteer/Service Clubs
Animal Shelter/Service Providers
Volunteer Radio Groups
Science/Engineering Organizations
Hotels and other Lodgings
Media Organizations

ShakeOut BC Brochure

ShakeOut BC Tri-fold Brochure (350 KB)

Web Banners

ShakeOut web banner images are available for you to put on your web page to promote awareness and participation in the ShakeOut.


ShakeOut graphic images are available for you to put on your printed material to promote awareness and participation in the ShakeOut.

General Preparedness Information

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF from Public Safety Canada)

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety (PDF from Earthquake Country Alliance)

Tips for How to Secure Your Furnishings and Home Structure (PDF from ShakeOut BC)

PreparedBC: BC’s central resource for emergency preparedness information (Emergency Management BC)

Emergency Preparedness Information (Public Safety Canada)

Emergency Preparedness Information for Business (Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce)

Earthquake Science (Natural Resources Canada)

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