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Volunteer Radio Group Participants

participants are registered by volunteer radio groups for Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills worldwide in 2020.

110 of these participants are registered by 7 volunteer radio groups for the 2020 British Columbia ShakeOut.

Scroll down to see the volunteer radio groups who agreed to be listed on this website when they registered. (Not listed?)

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Volunteer radio groups in other areas:

Participation totals:

volunteer radio groups registered for the 2020 British Columbia ShakeOut

Names are linked if a website was provided during registration.

If an organization has registered it is listed in bold type. 

Most organizations register on behalf of all their locations. Some locations may also register and are listed beneath their parent organization name. In this case their participants are not added to the overall total (to avoid duplication).

When a location registers but the parent organization does not, the parent organization name is not bold.

Fraser Valley

BCERMS, Chilliwack

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The Great British Columbia ShakeOut