BC is the most seismically active area of Canada, and experiences thousands of minor earthquakes per year!

Risk in B.C.

While potential earthquake hazards depend on your location, everywhere in British Columbia is considered at high risk in relation to the rest of Canada. For example, on January 26, 1700, a magnitude 9 earthquake (similar to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake off the coast of Japan) shook the entire province as well as Washington, Oregon, and California, and generated a massive tsunami.

Why “Shake Out”?

The Great British Columbia ShakeOut, organized by the British Columbia Earthquake Alliance (BCEA), is an annual opportunity for individuals, communities, schools, and organizations to practice essential earthquake safety measures such as “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” Beyond the drill, participants are encouraged to critically review and update their emergency preparedness plans and supplies, while also taking proactive measures to secure their spaces and prevent potential damage and injuries. For more information about the BC Earthquake Alliance, please visit bcearthquakealliance.ca.

Drop! Cover! Hold on!

Be Prepared For The Next One: Get Registered!

By registering for the ShakeOut, you or your organization will:

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Be counted in the largest-ever earthquake drill in British Columbia!
Be listed with other participants in your area (Optional)
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Be an example that motivates others to participate & prepare
Be updated with ShakeOut news and preparedness tips
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Have peace of mind that you will be better prepared for our next big earthquake!

Participate in the Great ShakeOut

Over 67.9 Million Participants Worldwide
Participants in BC Last Year:700 Thousand
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Current BC Wide Total 695,737
Cariboo 1,952
Kootenay 2,739
Lower Mainland 501,705
Nechako 603
North Coast 5,186
Northeast 1,403
Thompson Okanagan 20,780
Vancouver Island / Coast 150,013