The Great British Columbia Shake Out

This coming October 18th at 10:18 am, the staff and participants will take part in the Great British Columbia Shake Out. Together we will practice earthquake safety skills, learn what we can do to prepare for an earthquake, and learn what to do during and after an earthquake. For more information please see:

Over 67.9 Million Participants Worldwide
Participants in BC Last Year:700 Thousand
Map with clickable regions of British Columbia
Who's Participating? Click on a region on the map of BC to see the region specific participation tally.
205 Days Until the 2023 ShakeOut
Current BC Wide Total 50,441
Cariboo 184
Kootenay 660
Lower Mainland 30,646
Nechako 30
North Coast 40
Northeast 223
Thompson Okanagan 3,005
Vancouver Island / Coast 15,112